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What Is Evoke Facial Contouring? How Long Does It Last

What Is Evoke Facial Contouring How Long Does It Last

Are you seeking a non-surgical approach to help you with the signs of facial aging that you’re experiencing? With the Evoke facial contouring technology, you may tighten, revitalize, and slenderize the lower face and neck muscles. It is the first of its kind. In this procedure, fat is permanently sculpted while the low face is noticeably raised, making it the most significant advancement in the treatment of the lower face in years.

Evoke Facial Contouring

Evoke is a game-changer because it penetrates the dermal layer and the Fibro Septal Network (FSN), which are the fibrous bands that grant your skin structural support, in a way something no other non-invasive cosmetic facial aesthetic procedure can do. Thermal radiofrequency (RF) energy enters into these tissues and contours and shapes them, resulting in firmer, tighter skin, fewer jowls, and a more youthful appearance of the jawline and neck.

Collagen, the skin’s most abundant protein that provides support for the skin, is stimulated to maintain skin firmness and battle time’s effects. The hands-free device delivers radiofrequency radiation to the precise depth, length, and intensity required for your individual face architecture, resulting in a tailored treatment that is completely pain-free and requires no downtime to complete. 

Acquire, Control, and Extend technique (Acquire, Control, and Extend) ensure that no region is treated excessively or insufficiently, allowing your tissues to be sculpted exactly how they need to be for the utmost natural full results possible. For the lower cheeks, jawline, and neck, Evoke is the most effective therapy available.

What Are the Advantages of Using Evoke Facial Contouring?

For the first time in the history of face contouring, Evoke uses unique energy that is given painlessly through a hands-free device. Consequently, you will have contact with your Skincare Management Expert, and you may rest as a result in just a brief treatment.

Patients can use this time to browse the Web, read a magazine, or simply shut their eyes and savor 30-45 minutes of peace and quiet while the treatment is underway. Because Evoke facial contouring treatments are non-invasive, the rebuilding of your subdermal tissues takes place without causing any harm, which means any downtime will not inconvenience you. 

After three to six treatments, the lower face and neck will have the tight, silky radiance of vitality, and your jaw will be sculpted and defined, with no jowls, creases, or wrinkles in the process.

The consistent temperature achieved by Evoke Facial Contouring produces surprising outcomes. There’s nothing more frustrating than performing a cosmetic operation that is either insufficiently effective or, even worse, ineffectively. You won’t have to be concerned about anything thanks to Evoke’s A.C.E. technology. 

Using bipolar radiofrequency radiation, your tissues receive the precise quantity of energy needed for a full-scale rebuild of your lower face without the risk of overdoing it. There will be no surprises or plastic outcomes in the future. It’s just you, the way you were always meant to be.

Evoke is a skin rejuvenation product that works from the inside out. It is a comprehensive therapy that includes:

  • Tightening and firming the jawline and cheekbones by regulating muscle tone.
  • Increases the creation of new collagen, which helps to tighten up the skin.
  • Skin is tightened at the cellular level, resulting in a smoother, more luminous complexion.
  • Fat in the jowls and low face is destroyed, resulting in a more distinct and contoured appearance.

Individuals who would benefit from EVOKE Facial Contouring:

The optimum candidate for EVOKE therapies is a patient who seeks the following benefits from the treatment:

  • It is not desirable to have the downtime associated with more intrusive therapies and surgeries.
  • It is desired that the facial traits be tightened and defined.
  • After undergoing routine surgery for skin laxity, the patient wishes to continue treatment.
  • Soft tissue tightness and upkeep in younger individuals who want to keep their soft tissue firm as they age

Skin Tightening with Evoke Facial Contouring

When you use the Evoke skin tightening and facial contouring treatment, you may expect to see natural benefits in the form of firmer and tighter skin. It is necessary to place the applicator on the face and tighten it to provide a secure fit. So the system may more effectively target trouble spots to improve results. 

Radiofrequency energy is transferred into the tissue. It is possible to treat a precise volume of skin tissues with this technique. Tissue contraction occurs at the same time that collagen synthesis rises. The skin in the treated region becomes tighter and firmer due to this procedure.

What Are the Requirements for Evoke Facial Contouring?

Candidates for Evoke facial contouring should be in excellent physical and mental health, with no skin issues that might interfere with the treatment’s ability to heal. Almost every patient bothered by extra fat and sagging skin on their neck and face is a possible candidate for this procedure. As with any cosmetic procedure, candidates should have reasonable expectations about their outcomes because Evoke will not produce the same effects as a surgical facelift.

How Long Will It Take To Get the Final Results?

Most patients will notice first benefits within a few weeks after beginning therapy. It may take three to six months for final Evoke outcomes to emerge fully and manifest themselves. 

In this case, the lag time is caused by radiofrequency radiation breaking down certain cellular structures that the body must then reconstruct over a prolonged period of time. This procedure assures that the new tissues are stronger, tighter, and younger due to their formation.

How Long Will the Impact of Evoke Be Enjoyed?

The majority of individuals will have positive benefits that endure between two and three years in most cases. This time frame may be prolonged if the patient adopts a healthy lifestyle and uses regular skincare. In contrast, if you don’t take care of your skin properly, your effects may vanish sooner. Doctors advise patients to avoid sunlight on treated regions for the first six months after therapy.

Are you dissatisfied with your sagging skin and droopy face? Evoke is a quick, painless, non-surgical facelift option and requires no downtime. It is possible to get excellent results with this hands-free facial reshaping technology while remaining comfortable. Make an appointment with The Skin Clinic Med Spa for your next session to make you feel more confident while also enhancing your natural beauty!


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