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Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Restoration

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Skin Rejuvenation & Hair Restoration

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) skin rejuvenation uses your blood as a matrix to promote collagen growth and regenerate tissue, naturally helping your skin tone regain its bright, smooth, healthy, and firm appearance. It accelerates healing by stimulating cellular proliferation and tissue regeneration.

The PRP process will help you achieve more radiant and youthful skin, leaving your complexion looking brighter and tighter. You can also expect to see more refined, less visible wrinkles and fine lines.

The PRP is made by placing your blood in a centrifuge that spins at high speeds, separating the blood components. This separates red blood cells from the plasma (separated with centrifugal force), containing platelets containing growth factors (PRGF). The solution for rejuvenation includes a higher concentration of platelets with growth factors that stimulates the body’s natural wound healing process to aid in skin regeneration.

PRP Treatments can help with:

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Fine wrinkles, eye wrinkles, wrinkles around the mouth, forehead wrinkles.

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Skin pores and elasticity: reduction of skin pore size, improvement in skin elasticity, and skin tone.

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Skin pigmentation disorders: skin whitening against hyperpigmentation such as freckles, skin blemish, etc.

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Other applications: improvement in hair loss, chapped skin, burn wound, dark circles, and more!


PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, also called “Liquid Gold,” is one of the best ways to encourage cell development in the body for damaged or thinning cartilage. It is made by collecting and processing a patient’s blood in therapy. The benefits of PRP include promoting collagen production in the body, stimulating hair growth, reducing scarring appearance.

First, we will collect a small amount of blood, much like a lab test. The sample is then removed and placed in a centrifuge, which spins the blood at a high rate, separating the platelets from other blood components. Once the platelets have been concentrated into plasma, they may treat the affected region. Activation of platelets and essential growth factors results from a timed-release of these compounds, which signals proteins involved in the healing process and collagen-elastin cascade activation.

Treatments with PRP are expected to produce long-lasting results, but they can differ from person to person.

Generally, most people are good candidates for PRP therapy. We will go over your medical history during your consultation to make sure you qualify for this treatment.

It’s more likely that you will see improvements within 4-9 months, even though people initially anticipate changes in their skin after a few months.

We usually recommend taking it easy on the day of their treatment and limiting the use of their injection site for the next two days, although movement is encouraged.

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