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EXION Fractional RF

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EXION Fractional RF

Undergoing EXION Fractional RF is a step towards rejuvenating your appearance and enhancing your skin’s health. At The Skin Clinic MedSpa, we understand the excitement and curiosity of trying a new aesthetic treatment.

As you consider or prepare for your EXION Fractional RF session, read here and explore what you can expect post-treatment, ensuring you’re well-informed and ready for this transformative experience.

What is EXION Fractional RF?

EXION Fractional RF is a cutting-edge skin treatment that combines monopolar radiofrequency (RF) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for deep tissue heating and coagulation.

This innovative approach, which reaches up to 8mm depth without full needle insertion, is designed to reduce discomfort while maximizing results.

The EXION treatment is ideal for those seeking a non-invasive therapy to achieve tighter skin and a more youthful appearance.

Advantages of EXION Fractional RF

Choosing EXION Fractional RF for your skin rejuvenation journey has many benefits, making it a preferred choice for those seeking effective, non-invasive skin treatments.

At The Skin Clinic MedSpa, we’re proud to offer EXION as a solution that stands out for its unique advantages. Here’s why EXION is an excellent choice for revitalizing your skin:

  • Deep Tissue Treatment. EXION’s advanced technology allows deep tissue heating and coagulation, reaching up to 8mm depth. This deep penetration effectively stimulates collagen production, leading to more significant skin tightening and rejuvenation results.

  • Minimal Discomfort. The design of EXION, which involves less invasive techniques than traditional methods, significantly reduces discomfort during the treatment; this makes the experience more pleasant and tolerable for clients.

  • Enhanced Safety with AI. The integration of AI in EXION optimizes energy delivery, ensuring a safe and controlled treatment. This AI assistance helps achieve consistent results while minimizing the risk of side effects.

  • Versatile Treatment Applications. EXION is not limited to facial treatments; individuals can use it on various body parts where they desire skin tightening. This versatility makes it a comprehensive solution for overall skin rejuvenation.

  • Quick and Convenient Sessions. The treatment sessions with EXION are relatively quick and usually completed within a short period. This convenience allows clients to fit their skin rejuvenation treatments into even the busiest schedules.

  • Long-Lasting Results. The collagen stimulation triggered by EXION leads to long-lasting results. As the skin’s natural collagen production is enhanced, clients enjoy a more youthful and radiant appearance for an extended period.

  • Suitable for a Range of Skin Concerns. EXION effectively addresses various signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity. It’s a versatile option for clients with different skin types and aging concerns.

  • Non-Surgical Alternative. For those hesitant about surgical procedures, EXION offers a non-surgical alternative with significant skin tightening and rejuvenation benefits.


What to Expect During Treatment

During an EXION Fractional RF treatment, you can expect a comfortable experience with minimal discomfort. The procedure involves using a device that delivers RF energy deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production and tightening the skin.

The treatment duration varies but is generally quick, making it a convenient option even for those with busy schedules.


Post-treatment care is crucial for achieving the best results and ensuring a smooth recovery. You should avoid direct sun exposure and use sunscreen to protect the treated area.

Additionally, it’s advisable to keep your skin hydrated and follow any specific aftercare instructions that your skincare professional provides.

At The Skin Clinic MedSpa in North Mankato, MN, we are dedicated to offering the latest and most effective skin rejuvenation treatments. Our team of expert providers is here to guide you through your EXION Fractional RF journey, ensuring a comfortable, safe, and satisfying experience.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let us help you achieve the youthful, radiant skin you desire with the innovative power of EXION Fractional RF!

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