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Sun damage, body fat, skin laxity, and skin thickness all play a role in cellulite. If you want to do something about how cellulite looks on the body, you are part of the 90% of women who have cellulite.

We can help you with cellulite by using EMTONE, the first and only device that delivers thermal energy to treat all the major factors that contribute to cellulite. Cellulite is more than fat problems. It is also fibrous bands that run from the skin to muscles through your fat which causes the fat to bulge upwards to the skin. Emtone is FDA cleared as a massage device to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

In addition, Emtone is a combination device, and it simultaneously delivers radiofrequency and pressure wave therapy to the skin. The handpiece delivers safe electrical energy to your skin, and a grounding pad is placed on your back during treatments. This pad ensures the safe delivery of the radiofrequency. At the same time, Emtone emits acoustic waves that stimulate the skin.

Emtone in Mankato, MN | The Skin Clinic MedSpa
Emtone in Mankato, MN | The Skin Clinic MedSpa

During the treatment, radiofrequency energy goes from the device and warms the skin to about 42- or 44-degrees C. At this temperature, collagen undergoes structural changes. As a result, new collagen growth is encouraged over several months following treatment. This collagen growth leads to an improvement in laxity, cellulite, and texture. Professionals recommend that you undergo at least four sessions of Emtone to achieve your goals.

Emtone can be used on the buttocks, posterior and front of the thighs, upper arms, and abdomen.


Emtone does not require anesthesia. Treatment to one area takes about 12-15 minutes and feels like a hot stone massage. Emtone glides over the skin by using a conductive and moisturizing lotion.

Emtone consists of four initial treatments. They are performed twice a week over two weeks. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 6-12 months.

There is no downtime. The skin may be pinkish or feel warm for several minutes, but this goes away almost immediately.

Emtone stimulates new collagen growth, and the results are not immediate. You will see results from Emtone within several weeks to a month.

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