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Laser Tattoo Removal


        Tattoos are still popular to show personal messages and respect, and because tattoos are “cool.” As time goes on, however, these tattoos may become less meaningful.

Tattoo regret is experienced due to relationship changes, employment consequences, or overall life changes and personal growth.

Tattoo removal was once highly unsuccessful, surgical, painful, and scaring was common. However, laser technology has improved tattoo removal making the procedures faster, less painful, and easier. In addition, specific laser treatments for tattoo removal eliminate a wide array of tattoo pigments, and laser technology breaks down tattoo ink and doesn’t scar where the tattoo is removed.

Laser tattoo removal technology uses intense energy targeted to different ink particles to break up pigments into small pieces. Breaking down ink particles allows your immune system to remove the ink naturally. Green is the most difficult tattoo color to remove, and blues and yellows come in a close second. Black is the easiest color to remove.

Laser treatments work at different depths in the skin, and multiple sessions are needed to get all the ink. Tattoo artists use permanent ink, and inks are injected below the skin’s surface. Therefore, removing a tattoo is more complicated than applying the artwork. Removing the ink may take six to ten sessions of laser therapy.

 When tattoos are drawn, the tattoo artist pushes needles and ink to the bottom layer of the skin. Tattoos may somewhat fade due to time and the body’s immune system recognizing tattoo ink as a foreign substance. Therefore, your immune system will attempt to remove the ink particles. However, the tattoo will never completely fade away without help.

 Tattoo removal can be intensified by the tattoo’s density, depth, composition, location, lifestyle, and health choices. Therefore, it is advised that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and massage the tattoo area to keep blood circulation strong during and after the tattoo removal sessions.

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