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How many sessions of Emsella do you need?

How many sessions of Emsella do you need?

Urinary incontinence is a common medical issue that is estimated to affect around 200 million individuals throughout the world. If you receive the appropriate treatment for this discomfort, it will help you in a variety of ways, including lowering the number of occasions you must use the bathroom and reducing the possibility of embarrassing accidents occurring.

What Exactly Is Meant When Someone Speaks of Having “Urinary Incontinence”?

Urinary incontinence is a condition in which a person experiences a loss of control over their bladder. This lack of control results in bladder leaks that cannot be controlled and are either voluntary or involuntary in nature. 

Five distinct types of urinary incontinence

  • Urge incontinence refers to a situation in which a person suddenly feels the desire to urinate. This need comes on unexpectedly and without any warning, and there isn’t enough time to get to a restroom before it takes place. 
  • It is possible for a disorder is known as stress incontinence to manifest itself when the bladder is subjected to pressure. Because of this condition, the affected individual needs to urinate significantly more often than is typical. This may be due to chuckling, coughing, sneezing, or even physical action on your part.
  • Mixed incontinence is a term that can be used to describe incontinence that is brought on by a mixture of feelings of urge and stress.

      Overflow incontinence is a condition that can manifest itself whenever the bladder is unable to entirely empty itself, as the name            suggests. Because of this disorder, urine will leak out of the bladder. 

  • Someone is said to have functional incontinence if they are unable to control their urinating due to a mental or physical handicap. It could be difficult, for instance, for an individual who suffers from arthritis to unfasten their jeans in time to use the restroom if they have to rush.

Where does Urine Incontinence Originate From?

In women, urinary incontinence is typically caused by a weakening of the tissues that hold the pelvic floor. This can be caused by pregnancy, childbirth, or weight gain. In many circumstances, the pelvic floor becomes less robust before or after childbirth, beyond a certain age, or as the result of an instability in hormones. This can also happen as a result of an age-related decline in hormone production.

There are approximately 19 million women in the U. S. who have been diagnosed with a weak pelvic floor. The firmness of the pelvic floor determines how well the body is able to manage both the bladder and the bowels. Urinary incontinence can make it hard for women to control the amount of urine that is released from their bladders, which can result in feelings of humiliation, anxiety, and fear of giving up their autonomy.

How exactly could Emsella be of assistance?

Even while the most efficient strategy to prevent these difficulties is to perform pelvic floor exercises on a daily basis, it is still possible for these problems to arise even if the exercises are disregarded or if the birth of a child creates problems with bladder leaks. 

One of the potential treatments for these issues is the Emsella chair procedure, which can be found in the medical literature. There are several more potential courses of treatment available.

Emsella is a treatment for incontinence caused by a weak pelvic floor that doesn’t involve an operation and does not require any kind of intrusive procedure. This means that it can be used by anyone. 

The Emsella chair is designed to deliver high intensity centered electromagnetic waves to the pelvic muscles over the course of a session that lasts for thirty minutes, twice per week, for a duration of three weeks in order to achieve the desired effect of inducing supramaximal contractions in those muscles.

Emsella is superior to Kegels in every way. Kegel exercises, despite the possibility that they may help to grow the pelvic floor over a long period of time, are not able to match the efficacy of this treatment option because it targets the root cause of the problem. 

In each of these relatively few sessions, the patient will have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of supramaximal contractions performed on them. Simply sitting on an Emsella chair for thirty minutes is equivalent to performing more than ten thousand repetitions of the Kegel exercise.

Addressing muscles that have gotten fatigued inside the pelvic floor can be accomplished with the assistance of the chair. Stimulating these muscles results in advantages in bladder control and a decrease in the likelihood of experiencing incontinence as a result of those improvements.

There is a potential that some individuals will show benefits right away, while others may not feel any improvement until they have finished a few sessions of treatment. People who choose Emsella for their treatment and who are experiencing symptoms of stress, desire, or a combination of the two will see a change in their condition.


The Number of Emsella Sessions Needed

Six is the optimal number of treatments, as suggested. Each session of the therapy lasts for twenty-eight minutes on the machine, and the sessions are spaced at least two days apart, depending on your requirements. To achieve the best possible results from treatment, it is essential to finish the entire treatment course. 

The severity of your condition will determine whether or not you require any extra treatments. An incontinence survey will need to be completed by you before the first treatment can begin so that experts can establish the extent of your issue. You will be requested to take the survey once again three months after completing all of the treatments so that the results can be compared and analyzed.

Receiving treatment with Emsella is the most effective method for restoring the regulation of your bladder and improving the function of the muscles on your pelvic floor. If you wish to feel more comfortable when you are planning to attend social gatherings, grocery shopping, or engage in other events that occur outside of your residence, working to improve your urine incontinence is a good starting point. 

If you are seeking to learn more about the advantages of receiving this treatment, you should get in touch with The Skin Clinic MedSpa to enjoy the treatment benefits as soon as possible.



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